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Northen Horizon care

We are here to support you to achieve your goals in life and to help you make the most of every single day. We can support you in a range of different ways depending on what you are looking to achieve. Our services are adaptable to your specific circumstances so that we can ensure we are providing high quality care at all times.

We assist all age groups from 7 years old to 65 years old and over.

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Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

If yourself or a loved one is living with a disability, daily person activities can bring challenges in different ways depending on your disability. We provide tailored support and supervision for completing daily personal tasks to help make life that little bit easier. There are a range of ways that we can assist you, for example we can assist with bathing, dressing and preparing meals. We provide flexibility so that you are receiving a premium service that caters to your specific individual needs. Speak with us today about your requirements and we'll let you know how we can support you.

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Assistance with Household Tasks

Our highly experienced team are ready to help you manage your household through providing support with various domestic and cleaning chores. We can assist with general cleaning, dish washing, laundry, gardening, ironing and other tasks depending on what you need assistance with. We tailor this service based on your requirements to ensure you are not only receiving the help that you need but also getting the most out of your funding.

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Assistance with Travel and Transport

We understand that remaining independent is important and through having access to travel and transport, we can help you to do this. We can provide support in learning how to catch both private and public transport options so that you can be self reliant when it comes to getting yourself around. If you need to go to medical appointment, go grocery shopping or get to a community event, we can teach you and provide ongoing support so that you can get yourself there easily and safely.

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Development of Daily Life Skills

Learning and growing is a great way to continually build your confidence and independence. Depending on what your goals are, we can tailor this service to ensure we are helping you to learn the right skills for you. We will support you to build your capacity and increase your knowledge in areas of interest to you so that you can learn and develop the skills you need. Maybe you want to get more into your health, or perhaps you want to learn how to keep your home nice and tidy. No matter what you want to achieve, our team are here to support you.

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Community Participation

At Northern Horizon Care we can help you to activities of interest and coordinate your attendance so that you can take part in an activity you love whilst meeting new people with similar interests. Staying social is a great way to improve your relationship skills, it can positively benefit your mental health and it gets you out and about trying new things. You could try a dance class, music class or maybe you want to try your hand at painting. We are here to help you find the right activity for you so that you get the most out!

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Innovative Community Participation

Our Innovative Community Participation service is available to participants who want to meet new people, make friend, build new skills and have a whole lot of fun. Let us know what you interests are and what activity you'd like to try and you can count on us to find a creative and innovative way to make it happen so that you can enjoy everything your community has to offer.

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